Emoji dressing

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We all know that emojis have taken over our keyboards. And, perhaps our life. Well, now emojis have taken over our clothes and accessories too. Your friends can know what mood you’re in by what your shirt tells them. From behind! It’s all in the name of fun. And a little urgh! face never hurt anyone. :)

by @thevintagetwin @morganelias. You can get this online

Festival Feels

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Second post highlighting LF’s boho inspired clothing. I can’t get enough of all the crochet tops, swimsuits, and flared jeans. It really makes me feel like I’m Twiggy and back in the ’60’s. Don’t have an LF store near you? Don’t sweat it. Go online and find your inner flower child at http://lfstores.com/

Living the boho life

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I remember when I was younger, I would go shopping with my sister and couldn’t wait to fit into the clothes at LF. Now, I’m obsessed with everything in the store! They have the best Boho style rompers, pull on pants, cropped tops and amazing accessories. There aren’t enough days in the month for me to mix+match it all so I’m posting my faves. It’s FAB!

Summer vibes

It’s always exciting to find something you like when you’re shopping, but it’s even more exciting when you find an easy dress that feels as good as a tee shirt and comes in more than one color! Yep, French Connection did it again. You can wear this dress anywhere. Literally. Daytime casual, out to dinner, on the beach, at a museum. Anywhere. I can put a jean jacket over it during the day or a leather jacket at night. I can throw a sweater on in the evenings or at the movies. I can wear flip flops with it, or I can wear my Doc Martens or wedges. Have I given you enough reasons to go out and buy this dress? I’m in love.

Grey Daze

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It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a tomboy. I love being outdoors and being active. Whether it’s skateboarding, swimming, doing acrobatics, dancing, stand up paddleboarding, you name it. I like to keep busy! My day-to-day fashion has to match my mood and my plans for the day. Today was a day for skateboarding. Serious fun in NYC… What better to wear on a board than my Zara ripped jeans, my all-time favorite Converse high tops, and a Ronny Kobo cropped top so I’m free to move any which way I want. Sorry to be brief, but I’ve gotta hit the streets!